About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Urban Wrestling Network. A wrestling site by wrestling fans for wrestling fans. So let’s introduce the individuals who will be bringing you weekly wrestling topics:

Jorge: I’m your resident Quintessential Puerto Rican Muffin. A lover of wrestling. spanning four decades. The Four Horsemen is the best wrestling stable in the history of wrestling. Also a Houston Astros fanatic and Orbit is my homie.

Chef- The infamous One. Outta Queenz, NY. Graffiti artist. Clothing designer. Podcaster. Neighborhood chef. C.E.O. of Heel Team S6X.

Hannibal Wolfe- The Beast of Heel Team S6X. Former athlete and the future of pro wrestling. The one they are of cuz they are afraid of what I WILL DO.

Sean Hawley- Young indie talent just looking for that ONE opportunity. Someone who rather be hated for who they are rather than love for something they are not.